• Strengths Circle

    Building new strengths work in modern companies

    Leaders must now create an environment fostering self-awareness, motivation, collaboration, performance and innovation - within individual, team and company spheres.


    Every leader has an individual filter as to how they see the world and innately do what they do best.


    In today’s rapidly changing workplace, leaders need to adapt quickly to bring themselves and their people forward - this is the new strengths work model.


  • Expertise

    We are people experts focused on results


    Digital-Human Leadership

    New Work Design & Structure

    Design Thinking

    Positive Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology





    Strengths-based Coaching

    Authentic Leadership

    Transformational Leadership

    New Performance Dialogue

    Strategic Communication

    Actionable Feedback

    Leadership & Happiness

    Deep-Dive Off-sites


    Teams & Individuals

    Strengths-based Performance Coaching & Workshops



    Clear Communication

    Actionable Feedback

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Career Path Development


    Executive Recruitment

    Strengths-based & Culture Approach

    New Skills Assessment

    Behaviorial Interviewing


    Complete Project Management - Sourcing to Onboarding


  • How we work

    A personalized approach

    Don't Focus on Weaknesses

    Develop what you have

    Our approach working with both corporate and NewTech companies is focused on developing the individual leader and teams in their current environment to move forward and achieve high-performance. Based on over 80 years of research and practice how the best run companies in the world do what they do best, we customize strengths based, holistic and transformation approaches to create the new strengths based leaders and teams of today.

  • Team

    Our strengths circle

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    Hilary Klassen

    Co-Founder & Partner

    CliftonStrengths® Top Strengths

    Futuristic | Individualization | Achiever | WOO | Maximizer



    Hilary began in management consulting to find business success lies in positive human interactions. She's been an HR Leader working in-house and as a consultant & coach with startups, scale-ups and corporates focused on organizational design, hiring, and talent development. She's also the co-founder of bestselfy - digital coaching platform. Hilary’s Futuristic and Achiever paints a vivid picture of opportunities for leaders with a roadmap to make their vision a reality.


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    Inka Kretschmer

    Co-Founder & Partner

    CliftonStrengths® Top Strength

    Individualization | Learner | Input | Maximizer | Strategic



    Inka started as an international broadcast journalist leading her to become a catalyst for change rather than a commentator. As a consultant, leadership coach & facilitator, she acts as a sparring partner to individuals and teams to enhance their strengths while minimizing their blind spots. Inka activates her strong Individualization and Maximizer to help leaders see who they really are and help them continuously strive for excellence.

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